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Unimog 2010

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Year 1953 ( SOLD )
Part #: 2010400249
Availability: Currently Out of Stock
***Recently SOLD***
1953 Unimog 2010 - Excellent condition.
  • Time for the baby to find a new home!
  • Good Runner, Fully Synchro'd 404 Transmssion installed.  (Original Crash Box in excellent condition comes with it.)
  • Side PTO with Large Belt Drive and 5 Gal - Ice Cream Maker - TBD/Fabricated.
  • Set of 5 New Period Specific Unimog Tires to be Installed
  • Number of Extra's come with this vehicle.  It has been on display at EI and used in various parades/functions for many years.
  • Original Semaphore Side Markers to be Re-installed.
  • Photo File Coming Soon
A piece of history.

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