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Continental MPT 70E - 405/70R20 - 16PLY

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MPT 70E Tires

The Continental MPT70E is our specialized tire for tough off-road conditions and construction site jobs. With its wear-resistant tread compound and open tread design, this tire delivers high mileage and excellent bi-directional traction (moving IN and OUT of the working area). Thanks to its self-cleaning properties and extremely long service life, the MPT70E is perfect for construction sites. Its sturdy tread pattern also makes the tire ideal for use on rough or stony terrain.

Continental MPT 70E - 16 ply:

  • Height 41.81" Tall
  • Width 16.77"
  • Speed rated for 44 MPH
  • Max load rating is 5676 Lbs at 55 PSI.
  • Preferred rim is 12" or 13" Wide.
  • For more detailed specifications reference the Technical Data Book.

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