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Lower Hub Seal - Severe Duty - Cassette
Lower Hub Seal - Severe Duty - Cassette

Lower Hub Seal - Severe Duty - Cassette

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Severe Duty Cassette Seal found on some Unimog Hub Reductions. A Cassette Seal is a seal where the seal riding surface is WITHIN THE SEAL. On a normal Unimog, the Hub Reduction Output Seal rides on the Wear Ring. When a Cassette Seal is installed the seal then rides on itself with no movement between the wear ring and seal. These seals are considered Severe Duty and we have been retrofitting these onto normal wear ring equipped Unimogs. This is especially a cost effective conversion if your existing wear ring is pitted and needs replacement. Simply have the existing wear ring machined down to 137MM and install the Cassette seal. Upgraded sealing and a significant cost savings. Newer Unimogs use this technology.

Fitting Position: Front Axle left and right / Rear Axle left and right Axle Version: 737.001 / AU 2/12 S-3,7
Chassis number from: 124665
Inner diameter 137mm
Outer diameter 165mm
Height 13.5mm
Material: FPM (fluoride rubber)

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