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Bosch Injection Pump - 110HP

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Your Price: $1,300.00
Retail Price:$4,700.00
Your Savings:$3,400.00(72%)
Part #: 0020745202

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Bosch Injection Pump for the OM352.  New in the Box including lift pump.  110 HP.  Check the pricing with your rebuilder, you may find a NEW PUMP is a better deal. 

These are NEW, not rebuilds.  We have added the option to purchase the injection pump WITHOUT the lift pump.  Just select that option when putting the product in the cart.

These are fitted standard on a number of 406/416/419 Unimogs with the OM352 engine.  Need an inexpensive boost in Horsepower on your older 406/416?

MB Part#  0020745202

Bosch Part#  0400876188

NSN#  2910121877769

Current MB price is over 4700 EUR!

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