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Front Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit - Complete

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Your Price: $63.91
Part #: 0005860288F
Diagram # 446

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New style rebuild kit, the piston is integrated into the piston.  New Style kit includes 2 x pistons with integrated seal, 2 x dust boots, the spring (399), and the Bleeder Valve (405) The new style updated kit has a better piston/seal design. Manufactured by FTE, this is the OEM for MBZ.

We are also offering the old style kit which includes: 2 x Pistons, 2 x Seals, 2 x Dust Boots, 1 x Bleeder.  Old style kit is $30 cheaper.

Our preference is the new style kit, but both will work well.  The key to a successful rebuild is to have a perfect bore cylinder, with no pitting.  If you have pitting, do not waste the cost of the kit, just replace the cylinder.

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